Friday, 22 June 2018

Should I Marry A Lady I Slept With On The First Date?

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When I heard this question,I could not but only pity ladies who give in to the demand of their so called boyfriends for sex before marriage could take place . 

The usual thing is the belief that if they obey and do as their boyfriends say,they would be considered as most favorite for marriage.

Ladies,are you now of the opinion that without s*x on a date with a guy,you would never be considered for marriage?

Since when has s*x become a basis for marriage? Has the basis for marriage not been love and trust?

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Just take a look at it: A man on the first date asked you for s*x and you succumbed. Opened your legs and made him have his way into your body and in no way do you have any idea what he thinks about you now I am sure.

He doesn't think you are a wife material or good for marriage! Now he wants everybody to know that he had s*x with you on the first date and he is asking whether he should marry you.

If this guy after having s*x with you respects you,loves and thinks of making you his wife,would he be asking for a public opinion of what he should do with you? Sorry,but that is what you've got! You now become a matter of public opinion.

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Men are very smart. They are like birds that like to perch on every ripped fruit and dump them  thereafter almost useless or good for nothing.

Dear ladies,can't you see that any man who asks for s*x  before marriage is not interested in marrying you? If he is,why would he ask: ''Should I marry a lady I slept with on the first date?'' He should have been very proud of you and sort your hand in marriage to the surprise of everyone! But no,revise is now the case.

My dear lady,between s*x and love,which is it that triggers feelings for opposite s*x which thus prompt one to give his heart,soul and mind to the other even to the extend of dying for him or her?

Your answer is good as mine! Use your senses aright and let this for once be an eye opener for you!

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The only book of wisdom says that ''love is the perfect bond of union'',and not s*x!!!

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