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Should I Tell My Fiancee I am No Longer A Virgin?

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Should I Tell My Fiancee I am No Longer A Virgin?

The question is not: ''Should I tell my fiancee I am not a virgin?'' It is rather: ''Should I tell my fiancee I am no longer a virgin?

This means that previously,you have already told your fiancee that you were a virgin and probably,it was true you were. But now,the situation is no longer the same.

So what happened? How did it happen? How did you lose your virginity to someone else order than to your fiancee?

If you were not a virgin when you met your guy and he asked you if you were,there are no two ways about it. The straight and right answer should be simple


Yes,after all,you never knew him from Adams and he didn't know what your stories have been or what you've been through in life.

The least one could expect from someone he never knew from Adams is perfection.

But however,if your fiancee has always known you before being in a serious relationship with you and he asked you the first time when you are beginning if you are a virgin and you said yes,only for you to misbehave and give in to having sex with someone else,it would be very difficult and risky to tell him you are no longer a virgin he hopes to marry.

How would you start? What would you tell him? Should I tell my fiancee I am no longer a virgin?

This is very difficult I must tell you. It is so so difficult because you misbehaved.You cheated. You were not faithful to him!

The only thing that could save you in this situation is if you were raped. In that case,it was a situation beyond your control. It could happen to anyone.

I mean,how would you explain the situation where you got lose and opened your legs for one sort of man when you are already having a fiancee?

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This is someone tantamount to being your husband. Yes,fiancee,someone you said yes to that you would marry and spend the rest of your life with! He is already seeing you as his wife and you feel the same way too!

Should I tell my fiancee I am no longer a virgin?

Well,because this is very difficult to say,some ladies pretend and lie to their fiancee that they are still virgins when they know they are not. They fear that telling them the truth would make them lose interest in them and call off any marriage with them in mind. But this is true! Yes,it could happen!

What if one sincerely tells her fiancee that she is no longer a virgin? Well,this is no doubt disappointing but the courage and sincerity will pay well .

The truth is that no man on hearing this would quickly call off marriage he has in mind with a lady that is not afraid to tell him the truth. This is evidence of trust! Trust keeps relationship healthy,trust keeps marriage alive!

Another truth is that even though you messed up,the fact that you sincerely told your fiancee the truth means you respect him. You've also proven that you are not proud of your action.

Having sex outside relationship is stupidity and badness. Sometimes,it is as a result of mistake or something one could not control at the moment.

Should I tell my fiancee I am no longer a virgin? Yes, tell him! Tell him and be free of guilty conscience. Tell him because you owe him an explanation and apology for not being faithful to him! If he loves you enough to marry you and have you as his woman,he would respect you as well and still go on with you! That is love! And the good book the Bible says that love covers multitude of sin! By telling your fiancee the truth,you are giving yourself the opportunity to see if he really loves you as he claims.

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If he leaves you because you told him the truth,then he never loved you enough to make you his woman. Yes,he will still leave you tomorrow when you fail to impress him or do it right as he expects.

But you know what? The worse of it all is telling lies! If you tell your fiancee lies about yourself,he will find out immediately after your wedding with him. And the worst is that he will never believe you again for eternity as long as you continue to be his wife.

Trust is everything in marriage. If you want to enjoy the peace and joy that marriage brings,let bare your hands! 

My dear lady,allow your fiancee to take you just the way you are! If you allow him,he will love and cherish the woman he has without wishing he has someone else!!!

Always remember,whatever lies put together,truth will put asunder!!! 
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