Wednesday, 4 July 2018

What To Do When His Parents Says No To Your Marriage

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This happens everywhere. It happens in Africa,it also happens in America. It happens in royal homes,it also happens in common homes.

A man meets his heart desire and they fall in the arms of each other. Soon they begin dating and both are sure they are made for each other. The man proposes and his girl happily accepts and the relationship is moved to the next level,-Courtship.

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Before long,love have highly grown to the point that no opposer could quench it,and the feelings so strongly generated that the lovers could not be put part. So it seem. There comes the parent of the groom to be and so the trial begins!

What would you do when he loves you but his parent says no to your marriage? Would you ignore their disposition and have a secret marriage with your man? Would you accept advice to elope with him? What if he suggests that you both cohabit and begin having children,perhaps,that could weaken his parent,should you accept?

Let's take these points one by one and derive something.

One is about ignoring the parent of the man who loves you and wants to marry you! In other words,these are people who cause the birth of your lover and gave birth to him. Whether in live or in death,they are still his parent. Tell me,how could you ignore the most principal persons of the family you are getting married to? What power do you have to fight against these strong pillars and supporters of your family to be?

You may say that your family is you and your husband with your children,but in real cases,it is not always true. The parent of your husband to be is the extended family and they are the root on which any other family is founded!

Hey,if you ignore the pillar,it may fall on you some day. Never forget.your boyfriend is a man,and man by nature never despises his mother,or neglect his father's house . Tomorrow,he will go back to his father for reconciliation and they will take back their son. Then my dear lady may be hanging alone!

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How could you even think of eloping with your husband in the first place? Will running away change the situation for good?  You are only delaying the process of making it right for you by thinking of eloping with your husband to be.

Don't run away. After all,you are not yet married to him! Stay and fight it. If you can not win his parent,forget about it!

This marriage you feel you know is not heaven but it is full of tribulations! Whatever troubles that come with it could only be solved or made easy when it is founded on love,blessings and supports of both families.

And now he is suggesting that you both live together and begin to have children. As what? Husband and wife or what?

If he could not convince his parent that you are his choice,if he could not make his parent change their thoughts about you and accept you as their own,if he could not act as a man,why agree to live with him and begin to produce children for him?

Any man who cannot fight to protect your interest before his parent today will likely leave you tomorrow!

When he loves you but his parent says no to marriage,what should you do? This is what you should simply do:

Take your leave and forget the relationship! Yes,forget it because relationships that have troubles from the begins usually ends with tears at the end of the day. What are you even fighting for? You seem to have forgotten that marriage is not about only one person right?

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Always remember that marriage is about everyone in that family. Your husband,his parent and family. How many of them can you fight when troubles come? Whom will you run to for help? Remember again,it must come from that family that produces and gives birth to your now family!

My dear lady,love is sweet and so strong when you are with the right person. But when other factors around it,do not support you being together with your man,quietly leave!

He is not your soulmate until you both are tied together in marriage!!!