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Should I Beg My Ex Lover Back?

Should I Beg My Ex Lover Back? -Divorce, Separation, Relationship

Should I Beg My Ex Lover Back?

Should I beg My ex lover back? Who is asking us this and why? You will find out before the end of the discussion but trust me,the gender is female.

When men have breakup in their relationships they don't get perplexed. They move to realize something better for themselves. And when they realize their ex is the something better for them,they go back and mean serious relationships.

But you see our girls,reverse is the case. When their guys start behaving strange they start panting. And when the relationship is finally down they think everyday of their life to see whether their ex have gotten other women in replacement of them. Should I beg my ex lover back?

Women easily and usually lose hope in their breakups whereas men keep calm and focus on what they want. It takes a woman plus,a woman who has manly character and not just a tom boy to be less concerned with any man who breaks up with her.

Should I beg My ex lover back? Well this is what happens when you beg your ex lover back:

  • He wouldn't have respect for you. It goes in everything one is begging for showing that one doesn't deserve it and that he or she is simply helpless.

  • When you are begging your ex,you are telling him that he should please manage you. That you know you are nothing so precious for him. How could any reasonable man take you my dear lady when real men go for potential and substantial women?

  • Research and evidence have proven that when women beg their ex to return they give them more reasons to run further. This is like a seller begging a buyer to buy his product when he is in doubt about it. No potential buyer will buy the product,respect it or use it with pride after all.

Rather than beg your ex lover back do this:

  • Try to examine all that have transpired between both of you. What happened? How did it start? How did it end? Doing this will help you see who is at fault and the next actions to take.

  • If you find out you are the reason for the breakup,send a text message to him or call him not to beg him to come back but to state where you faulted and that it wasn't intentional. Tell him you are sorry for hurting him and losing something that meant well for both of you.

  • It is the responsibility of the ex to come back and in fact it is expected of him to do so after you have taken the  immediate above step if he ever meant well for you in the first place. If he doesn't,don't worry. Just understand that you had been in a relationship all the while with a wrong person and that the breakup happened to let you out of bondage. 

  • Don't ever beg an ex lover to come back to you simply because of love. Love is not enough in serious relationships because serious relationship is not only about romantic affairs!

  • Breakup is good. Most times it makes ex realize the full makeup of the other and help them see if such makeups are what they need. 

  • If you beg your ex to come back when he is no longer interested and he does out of pity you will continue to beg him to stay all your life otherwise he leaves again!

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Use the time you want to beg your ex to come back and work on yourself. If you really work on yourself,you will surely become a full potential woman any man would like to have including your ex lover. Then,you will see yourself being trooped for rather the one begging a man to stay!!! 

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